Sheamus – Class of 2019

Meet Sheamus.

We bonded over a mutual love for Harry Potter and he told me about his mad cross country skills and the time he met Olympian runners thanks to Nike.  I was in awe to say the least! I appreciated Sheamus’ aspirations and heart.  I think that he truly believes he can do anything that he wants to.  And you know what, HE CAN.

My parents raised my sibs and I to truly believe that if we worked hard, we could do anything we wanted.  Honestly, I still believe that.  I have no doubt that if I put my mind and my heart into something, nothing would stop me.  Luckily, I have a hubs that thinks that too!

We live in a culture that drives a message of realism and fear and a need to make loads of money at any cost.  I think there’s a balance in all of that.  We need to be real and pay our bills, but I just think there could be a better way.  I’m thankful to be a photographer, my absolute dream job!  I’m constantly striving to learn and grow and work hard, but not out of a heart that I will one day “arrive” at perfection or enough.  But because I LOVE IT.  And it brings me great joy!

I hope that all of my clients, but hugely my seniors know and truly start to believe, no matter where you’ve come from or even what you’ve done up to that point, it’s never too late to pursue what you love and to become the person you want to be.