About Us

I’m Hannah Sophia!  I am a photographer, a girl boss, a wife to the most wonderful man I know, an auntie to five adorable munchkins, a foster mama to many, a coffee enthusiast, a creative, a musician, a laugher (like I love laughing), a foodie, a baker, a lover of danger adventure and fun.

When I hold my camera up to my eye and gaze through the lens at my subject, I cannot help, but feel that this is what I was made for.

I believe in capturing what is real, raw, and beautiful in life.  I want all of my clients to be able to look through their photos and see… themselves.  Not a posed, stiff, unnatural version of themselves or the ones they love, but a sweet, fun, and true image of who they are.  I love capturing the unique beauty and essence of a person.  Their laugh, smile, the passion in their eyes, the years that have come and gone, and the deep love shared.

If this sounds like the kind of images and memories you want to create and invest in, email me!  Come chase the light with me and laugh until your cheeks hurt and tell me your story.  I want to know you!



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My husband and I! He’s my partner in crime and expert second shooter.