Mini Sessions + Why I Love Them

I love fall.  The evenings get crisp yet the sun still shines and the leaves turn the most vibrant of colors.  School starts, schedules get more regular and before we know it – it’s the holidays!  Ok ok, too far?!

Do you know what else I love about fall?  My annual mini sessions!  In years past, I’ve limited mini sessions to a specific number or slots and only two days.  However this year, I am opening it up to anytime between October 6th – 24th.  Each mini session will include a 15 minute session, an online gallery and 10 digital images for $100.  Now let’s talk about why I love mini sessions!




1. Mini sessions are short and sweet!  If you have littles that struggle being in front of the camera, mini sessions are a great place to start.  We can enjoy a fun upbeat session with quick transitions, laughter and snuggles.  Before they even have a chance to feel “done” with the session, the session IS in fact done!





2. Mini sessions are perfect for families and couples!  How many of you married-with-no-children couples (like Andy and I!) only have professional photos from your wedding and/or engagement session?!  I hear this all the time!  Mini sessions are THE time to get a few sweet images with the one(s) you love!





Mini Session Tip – Picking out outfits for your whole family can be hard!  I have clients text me images of the clothing for their session all of the time.  It can be hard to please everyone and look cohesive.  Here’s my recommendation: go for coordination over matching.  Pick a couple of colors and/or fabric choices to have as a common thread and you can build from there.  Or if you have a child with a must wear outfit, build your family’s wardrobe choices around that!

And ultimately, have fun with it!  Even if outfits are clashing and your child refuses to wear the clothes you worked painstakingly hard to choose for them, what really matters is that you enjoy your session and each other.  Genuine interactions and smiles and tickles and laughs will far out shine any outfit dilemmas.




3. Mini sessions are a perfect opportunity to get an updated photo for your Christmas cards!  I have even done mini sessions at a Christmas tree farm to help set the perfect tone for their holiday pictures.





4. Mini sessions are just fun.  I love getting to meet so many different people and families, since I spend most of my time in the wedding world (which I of course LOVE!).  I work hard to keep my mini sessions extremely affordable because I truly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to have beautiful photographs of themselves and their family.

So join me!  I want to meet you and yours.  Let have fun together this fall!