Maternity & Newborns

Photographing expectant mothers and newborns is an incredible gift!  It’s the beginning of a new life and new adventures! I love seeing the joy of mothers and fathers, the curious eyes of a new baby, tiny fingers and toes and nose.  Babies change so quickly! I like to capture the precious early moments to make sure that families may hold closely those memories, forever.


Newborn sessions start at $200 and must be taken within 5-12 days of birth.


“Bump to Bundle” is a package including a maternity session and a newborn session that starts at $275.


“24 Hour Session” is taken in the hospital, or in your home if you had a home birth, and it is designed to capture those special first moments within 24 hours of baby’s life.  This session starts at $175 and is discounted when combined with another maternity or newborn shoot.