All families are unique.  I grew up as a middle kid in a greek family and I married a hilarious man that grew up on a farm Idaho.  Our families are and were so different!  And now, my hubs and I have grown our family in a non-traditional way, through foster care and hopefully, adoption!


As a mama myself, I understand the desire and pull for a perfect Instagram or Christmas card photo.  Especially in the fall, when the posts are plentiful and everyone looks like the picture of perfection.  But the truth is, being a parent and having a family is messy and hard and full of joy and beauty and wonder and challenges and sweetness.  


My heart for family sessions is to capture who you are and who your family is.  Not a tight upper lip and forced smile and underlying stress.  I don’t push for perfection but for tickle fights and make believe and games of telephone and all the snuggles.  That’s my goal!


If that is the kind of family session you are looking for, I’m your girl.  And I want to meet you and your family!


Family sessions start at $175.